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About Us

About Our Founder


Stop Aging Now was founded in 1995 by acclaimed medical journalist, best-selling author and consumer advocate, Jean Carper. With 24 books to her credit, including four New York Times best sellers, Jean Carper is a leading authority on nutrition and dietary supplements. She is widely known for her nationally syndicated EatSmart health and nutrition column, which she authored for 14 years for USA WEEKEND Magazine. Jean Carper is also the recipient of the prestigious Florence Spottswood Humanitarian of the Year Award.

The Book That Started It All

When her breakthrough book, Stop Aging Now!: The Ultimate Plan for Staying Young and Reversing the Aging Process was published in 1995, Jean introduced her readers to the idea that disease is not an inevitable consequence of getting older. With her signature clear and confident writing style, she presented readers with an action plan for slowing the aging process. Harnessing cutting-edge research on the free radical theory of aging, which she had been following for years as a medical journalist, Jean helped millions to understand how specific vitamins, minerals, herbs and foods can effectively fight aging.

Our Very First Product...And Beyond

As Stop Aging Now! soared to the top of the best sellers list and Jean's popularity grew, her many loyal followers begged her to create a convenient, "all-in-one" dietary supplement based on the research contained within the book. Driven by this demand, Jean soon formulated the first Stop Aging Now multivitamin, our acclaimed Multi Nutrient ORIGINAL™ Formula, now known as Multi360® Advanced, which combined potent research-based doses of vitamins, minerals, herbs and antioxidants. Since then, we have continued to expand and update our family of multivitamins, which now consists of 7 formulas, and have expanded our total product line to include over 150 different nutritional products!

Family of Brands

In 2014 we expanded our product line from vitamins and supplements to clinical skin care and pet care. Each line in our family of brands provides the same quality and customer care that Stop Aging Now is known for.


Since our founding in 1995, we have served hundreds of thousands of customers - people who are searching for natural solutions and who want to live a long healthy life. Our customers come back to us again and again, not only because of our high quality products, but also because of our emphasis on providing amazing customer service. Unlike many companies, we have product and nutrition experts here on staff who can provide you with unparalleled guidance and support.

Charlie's Choice

We know you take your pet's health just as seriously as you take your own. That's why we worked with Dr. Katy Nelson, award-winning veterinarian, to create cutting-edge, all natural formulas tailored for cats and dogs! Like our supplements for people, they are made in state-of-the-art FDA inspected facilities using human-grade ingredients. So where did we get the name? Well, after Charlie our office dog – of course!


Drawing on our nearly 20 years of experience formulating premium grade dietary supplements, we are proud to introduce our new line of science-based, all-natural skin care products. These products contain only top-of-the-line natural ingredients that have scientific research backing their effectiveness, and they are free of the artificial preservatives and other dangerous chemicals found in so many skin care products on the market today.

20 Years in the Making

2015 marks a milestone for Stop Aging Now as we celebrate 20 years of delivering cutting-edge natural solutions and great customer care for thousands of customers. Unlike the many "fly by night" dietary supplement companies out there, Stop Aging Now has been building a loyal following of genuinely satisfied customers for nearly two decades.